Teaching is organized in language sections. 
At the European School of Varese, there are five language sections: German, English, French, Dutch and Italian.
There is the possibility of mother tongue tuition (L1) for those pupils who have a mother tongue which is not taught in the five existing language sections, on condition that it is an official language of the European Union. 
All teachers of L1 are native speakers and are inspected by national Inspectors on a regular basis.
Besides mother tongue teaching the European School provides the teaching of at least two foreign languages. 
The first foreign language (L2) is taught from 1st class primary and becomes the teaching language for religion /ethics, human sciences and history/geography from the 3rd class secondary and beyond. 
The second foreign language (L3) – to choose between the three vehicular languagues of the European Union – is taught from the first year of Secondary School. 
Moreover, it is possibile to choose a third foreign language (L4) (to choose between the official languages of the European Union) from the 4th class. Latin can be chosen from 2nd secondary and beyond. 
Besides the mother tongue, two foreign languages and maths, other compulsory subjects in 4th and 5th classes of secondary are chemistry, physics and biology, as well as history and geography in the first foreign language (L2). Moreover the students have to choose amongst optional subjects, like latin, ancient greek, economics, third foreign language, art, music or ICT. 
In the second semester of the 5th class the students make their choices for the last two years (the BAC cycle). Thus, depending on the courses the school is able to organize on the basis of the students’ numbers, they compose a study program that meets the prerequisites of their future studies at university.